Who We Are

Christian talk radio, music, news and educational programs. Our network of stations include 91.5 FM McDaniels / Leitchfield / Central City, Ky. 98.3 FM Rockport Indiana / Owensboro Kentucky, and 91.1 FM Hiseville / Glasgow Ky…. Listen live via http://www.primcast.com/radio/543264

Our Short Story

In 1985 in the little town of McDaniels Kentucky, a small Christian radio station was established, with a heart to reach the lost and to proclaim the truth it was evident that God had big plans for what was then called WBFI 91.5. In the years to come WBFI played a pivotal role in the fight for Religious and Educational freedoms truly helping pave the way for other Christian radio ministries to stand for truth. Now, thirty two years later, God is still using and blessing this great work. With His help WBFI went from little country radio to a network of four stations and in the process of expanding. In January 2017 WBFI changed their name to BoxTwo Radio Network, and introduced the new Echo. God has once again given Box Two Radio Network a substantial vision by broadcasting only Christ-centered worship music, and a Christian talk format that equips the Church and exalts our Lord and King Jesus Christ.

Box 2 is Kingdom Quality Radio

Meet the Team

We have an amazing team here at BoxTwo Radio Network, and we are so blessed to have listeners and supporters like yourself. We know it is impossible to meet everyone, but we would like to give you a chance to get to know us  a little better, so take a moment and get to know the faces behind the music.