Father’s Table Ep. 40 – Discipleship: an introduction

Quincy Burt and Pastor Theo Koulianos October 12, 2021

Pastor Theo begins our series on discipleship with an introduction reminding us that a disciple of Jesus is one who has heard of Him and left who they were to find and faithfully follow Him. In following Him, we become a disciple and it becomes our lifelong mission. There are no shortcuts in following Christ. We discussed The Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20 and took a look at John 1:35-42 to highlight our directive from Jesus to go and in John is shows us that they went, saw and chose to remain with Him. Pastor Theo also encouraged us to remember that we are unique. Through The Holy Spirit, we each fulfill The Great Commission differently pointing out that to fulfill a divine commission, we need divine power – the power we access through The Holy Spirit of God.

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