Derrick Snodgrass Unconditional Faith and the Next Move Anointing interview

Quincy Burt and Derrick Snodgrass September 23, 2021

Derrick Snodgrass of Spiritual Prosperity Enrichment Center (Indianapolis, IN) and author of Supernatural Power of Tears joined us during our 2-year anniversary episode and added to our dialogue by providing perspective on what God is doing throughout the earth and how need to rely less on our own intellect and get back to unconditional faith. Derrick shared a vision from his book Supernatural Power of Tears about the next move anointing and how the restoration of the five-fold ministry in the body of Christ is replacing a time when the generals of the faith had to carry the weight mostly alone. We also talked about relying on the Word of God and taking a hard word to press in like Peter and ask, “Where else could I go?”

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